• Client Ergonomic Designs


“When we first engaged Stop Start five years ago for our bathroom goods deliveries, we immediately recognised their unparalleled commitment to service. Impressively, at the outset, their Managing Director personally visited our facilities to outline the unique aspects of their delivery process, especially their proficiency in handling fragile and large, heavy items. This dedication clearly set them apart from other companies that often lack specialised training for their staff, thus risking the safety of high-value items.”  said Gavin Hunter, Managing Director of Ergonomic Designs


“Since partnering with Stop Start, they have become a cornerstone in the growth of Ergonomic. As a distributor of premium bathroom goods, we face immense pressure to meet tight delivery schedules demanded by our customers. Stop Start not only meets these demands but does so with a level of professionalism that ensures all items arrive in perfect condition. The days of dealing with damaged or lost items are long gone, thanks to their meticulous handling and robust delivery processes.”

 “Our customers consistently report back with glowing reviews about the delivery experiences they’ve had, which in turn enhances their overall satisfaction with our business. Furthermore, the communication from Stop Start’s customer service team is exceptional. They keep us constantly updated and are always quick to respond to our needs. Whether it’s a routine update or a specific query about an individual consignment, they are just a phone call away, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free service.”

“Choosing Stop Start has undeniably been one of the best decisions for our business, providing not just a service but a true partnership that contributes to our success and customer satisfaction.”