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Stop Start Logistics - Worcester

When Stop Start Logistics Worcester, take load of a clients goods they are thoroughly checked by the Stop Start warehouse staff and by our extremely skilled drivers to prevent logistical discrepancies.
All Stop Start transport drivers are trained to be familiar with our clients’ goods, so they have an understanding of a whole range of specialist logistical requirements.

Upon arrival at their intended destination Stop Start ensures that all goods are meticulously checked for completeness and damage by the end customer and the Stop Start transport drivers before any paperwork is signed. Stop Start removes the likelihood of any damage being caused in transit by implementing these stringent tests.

When delivering goods, Stop Start Logistics Worcester, will even collect any returning goods on behalf of the customer free of charge.

Stop Start Logistics Worcester, provides insurance to the full value of the goods. We also have a movement of products insurance which covers any accidental damage to customers’ goods while being loaded in our warehouse.

Stop Start represents our clients as if we are dealing with the end customer on behalf of ourselves. At Stop Start we endeavour to reflect and act as an extension of the services that you provide.

Stop Start aims to integrate with our client’s customer supply chain; we do this in order to provide you with the most cost effective offering and to reduce your carbon foot print.

About Stop Start

Our track record speaks for itself with a 99.9% undamaged rate.